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Computer Education

The Bundelkhand Development Society (BDS) NGO recognizes the importance of digital literacy and access to technology in promoting development in rural areas. As part of our efforts, we aim to impart basic computer education to local villagers and help them make use of internet services availed by the government of India to benefit their knowledge of farming and weather forecast related issues of concern.

We understand that many villagers may lack access to technology and may not have the skills to use it effectively. Hence, we have formed a team of expert volunteers who are trained to provide basic computer education and hands-on training to community members. They focus on teaching practical skills such as keyboarding, web browsing, and using email, as well as more advanced skills such as using agricultural apps and software.

Through our efforts, we hope to empower villagers with the skills and knowledge they need to access digital resources and improve their farming practices. For example, we educate them about the government’s online resources related to agriculture, weather forecasting, and other relevant topics. We also provide information on how to access these resources and how to use them effectively.

In addition to computer education, we also work to promote access to technology in rural areas. We collaborate with government agencies and other organizations to provide access to computers and the internet in community centers and other public spaces. We also work to promote the use of mobile technology, which can be particularly useful in areas with limited infrastructure.

Through our efforts, we aim to bridge the digital divide in rural areas and promote access to technology and digital resources. By promoting digital literacy and access to technology, we hope to empower communities and promote sustainable development in the communities we serve.