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Our Donor

Bundelkhand Development Society (BDS) is an NGO that relies on the support of its donors to carry out its various development programs and initiatives in the Bundelkhand region. BDS’s donors include individuals, corporates, foundations, and government agencies, both national and international.

One of the key donors for BDS is the government of India, which provides funding support for some of the organization’s programs and initiatives. BDS has also received funding support from international agencies.

BDS has partnerships with several corporates and foundations that provide financial and technical support for its programs.

Individual donors are also an important source of support for BDS. The organization receives donations from individuals who believe in its cause and want to contribute towards the development of the region. BDS has set up various fundraising campaigns and initiatives to engage with individual donors and raise funds for its programs and initiatives.

BDS values the support of all its donors, and their contributions have been instrumental in helping the organization carry out its various programs and initiatives in the region. The organization ensures that all funds received are utilized efficiently and effectively towards achieving its development objectives. BDS also maintains transparency and accountability in its financial transactions and regularly provides reports to its donors on the utilization of funds.