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As a part of our ongoing efforts, we organize several events and activities throughout the year that aim to bring together communities, stakeholders, and partners to work towards a common goal of sustainable development in the region.

Here are some of our upcoming events:

  1. Community Development Workshop – Date: 12 May 2023: This workshop aims to provide a platform for local communities to come together and identify their needs and develop solutions that are tailored to their specific circumstances. The workshop will cover topics such as sustainable livelihoods, access to basic services, and strengthening community institutions.
  2. Environmental Conservation Drive – Date: 10 June 2023: BDS recognizes the importance of preserving the natural resources of the Bundelkhand region. As a part of this drive, we aim to promote sustainable agriculture, reforestation, and water conservation. This drive will involve planting trees, cleaning up water bodies, and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.
  3. Health and Sanitation Awareness Campaign – Date: 2 July 2023: Access to healthcare and sanitation is a basic human right, and BDS is committed to promoting awareness about the same. This campaign aims to raise awareness about hygiene and sanitation practices and promote access to healthcare services.
  4. Women’s Empowerment Conference – Date: 5 August 2023: BDS is committed to promoting gender equality and empowering women in the Bundelkhand region. This conference aims to provide a platform for women to come together and share their experiences and ideas about how to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the region.
  5. Education Initiative – Date: 17 December 2023: Education is key to unlocking the potential of individuals and communities, and BDS recognizes its importance. This initiative aims to promote access to education, promote literacy, and provide vocational training.

We encourage you to participate in our upcoming events and contribute towards sustainable development in the Bundelkhand region. Stay tuned for more updates on dates and locations for each of these events.