A Journey Through the Art and Craft of Bundelkhand


Bundelkhand, a region in central India, is known for its unique art and craft. The art and craft of Bundelkhand have a rich cultural heritage and have been passed down through generations. The region is home to many skilled artisans who specialize in various forms of art and craft.

The Art of Bundelkhand

Pichhwai Paintings

Pichhwai paintings are a traditional form of art that originated in Rajasthan and is now practiced in Bundelkhand. These paintings depict stories of Lord Krishna and are usually painted on cloth. The paintings are known for their intricate designs and vibrant colors.

Tantrik Paintings

Tantrik paintings are a form of folk art that is unique to Bundelkhand. These paintings are created using natural colors and depict scenes from Hindu mythology. The paintings are usually done on paper or cloth.

Chunar Stone Carving

Chunar stone carving is a popular form of art in Bundelkhand. The artisans use Chunar sandstone to create intricate designs on walls, pillars, and other architectural features. The carvings usually depict scenes from Hindu mythology and are known for their beauty and detail.

The Craft of Bundelkhand

Chanderi Silk Weaving

Chanderi silk weaving is a traditional craft that is practiced in Bundelkhand. The artisans use a combination of silk and cotton to create beautiful sarees, dupattas, and other garments. The weaving is known for its fine texture and intricate designs.

Terracotta Pottery

Terracotta pottery is a popular craft in Bundelkhand. The artisans use clay to create a variety of objects, including pots, vases, and figurines. The pottery is known for its earthy colors and unique designs.

Zari Work

Zari work is a traditional craft that is popular in Bundelkhand. The artisans use fine gold or silver thread to create intricate designs on fabrics, such as sarees and dupattas. The zari work is known for its shimmering effect and is often used for special occasions.


Bundelkhand’s art and craft have a rich cultural heritage and are an important part of the region’s identity. The skilled artisans of Bundelkhand continue to preserve and promote these art forms, ensuring that they are passed down to future generations. A journey through Bundelkhand’s art and craft is truly a journey through the region’s rich history and culture.

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