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Top 18 Spiritual Tourist places of the Jalaun District

Shri Thareswary Maharaj Mandir

Jalaun is a district in the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. The town was earlier the residence of the Maratha governor, but the district headquarters in Orai. The district is situated on Kanpur-Jhansi NH 27.

1. Shri Thareswary Maharaj Mandir,Orai

Shri Thareswary Maharaj Mandir

This is a very famous temple in the Jalaun district. It is located near Jail Road in Orai city. A fair is held here on every Budwa mangal and every Tuesday and Saturday there is a crowd of devotees.

2. Sankat Mochan Temple, Orai

Sankat Mochan Temple

It is situated 10 km from Orai near the town of Atta. It is one of the famous temples of the city. Here Hanuman Ji is seated in a gentle form. It is believed here that vows are fulfilled by praying in this temple.

3. Radha Krishna Temple, Orai

Radha Krishna Temple

This temple is one of the most beautiful temples of Orai city. It is located near Galla Mandi in Orai and Bhagwat is organized here every year during Navratri. People come from far and wide to hear it. A huge Bhandara is organized here at the end of Bhagwat. A fair has been held here since the days of Bhagwat. In which there is a huge crowd of devotees.

4. Kamakhya Temple, Jalaun

Kamakhya Temple

This temple represents the Kamakhya form of Maa Durga. This temple is located in Paharpur Khera village of Jalaun district. It is the main center of faith of the devotees. Here Monday has a special significance. On this day, devotees pay obeisance at the feet of the mother and ask for a vow. A huge fair is organized in Navratri from Panchami to Navami. This temple looks very beautiful during Navratri. The temple is decorated with flags. This temple is made of ancient carvings.

5. Raktadantika Temple, Jalaun

Raktadantika Temple Jalaun

It is situated near the Kamakhya temple of Paharpur Kheda village, one of the main Shakti Peethas of the Jalaun district. Both these temples are situated on different hills. The mention of this temple is also found in Durga Saptashati. It is said that the tooth of Mother Sati had fallen here. Due to which temple was named Raktadantika. Two rocks are kept here. about whom it is said that these are the teeth of Mother Sati, these rocks are worshiped in the temple. These rocks are always red. Even after washing them with water, they turn red again.

6. Jalauni Mata Temple, Jalaun

Jalauni Mata Temple

It is situated in a village named Barikepurwa of Jalaun district. It is said that the Pandavas built it in their exile. Whose had the old name Jayanti Devi Mandir. Which later changed to the name of Jalauni Mata. Here in Navratri, devotees from far and wide come to see the Devi. A flame is burning here. Which is believed to be burning since the Pandavas period. Due to its location in the rugged area, this temple has been a stronghold of bandit gangsters between 1980 and 2000. Those who have offered many brass bells in this temple. Each of which weighs one quintal ten kg. It is said that every wish made here is fulfilled.

7. Sankata Devi Temple, Jalaun

Sankata Devi Temple

This temple is situated in the heart of the Orai town of the Jalaun district. Here Mata Durga is seated in the form of Maa Sankata. She is called Sankata Mata because she relieves all the sufferings of the devotees. It is said that this temple is very ancient, but it was renovated later.

8. Aksharaa Devi Temple, Jalaun

Aksharaa Devi Temple

There are many proven places in the Jalaun district. But in the form of Shaktisiddha Peeth, the importance of Aksharaa Peeth situated on the banks of Betravati river in village Saidnagar is the most important. It is not possible to estimate the antiquity of this place correctly, but according to the available inscription, it is known to be more than a thousand years old. According to much research written during the time of the British, the Chedi dynasty ruled here before BC. This place is very famous for tantra mantra practice. Devotees come here to get rid of their sufferings through Tantra Sadhana. Sacrifice is prohibited in this temple.

9. Hulki Mata Mandir, Orai

Hulki Mata Mandir

This temple is located near Machhar Chauraha of Orai city. The idols of all the deities are installed in this temple and Bhandara is organized here every day for the poor and the devotees. This practice has been going on here since ancient times. Special attention is paid to cleanliness in this temple.

10. Narmadeshwar Temple, Jalaun

Narmadeshwar Temple

It is located on Auraiya Road in Orai. There is always a crowd of devotees here, but the Monday of Sawan month has special significance here. This temple was built by Seth Laxminarayan of the city. Built in 1953, this temple was established by Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati. In which the Shankaracharya of Jyoti Peeth and Dwarka Peeth also participated. In the year 2000, this temple was renovated and given special grandeur.

11. Laxmi Temple, Orai

Laxmi Temple

This is one of the ancient and famous temples of Orai. In this temple, Mata Lakshmi is seated along with Lord Vishnu. There is also a cowshed in this temple. There is a Peepal tree in the courtyard of this temple, which is considered very sacred. It is said that worshiping this Peepal on Saturday reduces the wrath of Shani Dev.

12. Syed Mir Timarji’s Dargah, Kalpi

Syed Mir Timarji’s Dargah

This dargah is located in the city of Kalpi. Syed Mir Timarji was one of the famous Imams. It is said that he had a boon, he can go to Ajmer Sharif anytime immediately to visit. Born in 1593 AD, this saint was the third Imam of Razivia. People come to this dargah to fulfill their wishes. People mainly come here to get children.

13. Beri Wale Baba, Orai

Beri Wale Baba

This is a very famous dargah of Orai city. It is situated at a distance of one kilometer from the railway station of Orai city. It is considered a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity. This is the dargah of Ghazi Mansoor Ali Shah, also known as Beri Wale Baba. People come from far and wide to seek their vows here. The miracles inside this mosque are always a matter of discussion among the people.

14. Hazrat Padam Shah Dargah, Orai

Hazrat Padam Shah Dargah

This dargah is situated at Ambedkar Nagar crossroads of Orai city. Which is culturally considered the main symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity. Both Hindus and Muslims come to this dargah to offer chadar.

15. Kale Baba Dargah, Orai

Kale Baba Dargah

This famous dargah is situated on Jalaun road of Orai. Which is famous for Friday prayers.

16. Dargah Bhitare Wale Baba,Orai

Dargah Bhitre Wale

This dargah is also situated on Jalaun road of Orai.

17. Markaz Jama Masjid,Orai

Markaz Jama Masjid

This mosque is located in the Bajaria area of ​​Orai city. It is one of the main mosques of the city.

18. Dargah Salar Sokhta, kalpi

Dargah Salar Sokhta

This dargah is situated in Ghasiyarepur village of Kalpi, the oldest town of the district. This mosque is located near the Lanka Minaret.

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